Batch Management Suite Dashboard

Project Duration
1 year

Key Stakeholders
Production Support Team for a Governmental Agency*, Business & System Analysts, Development Teams


  • Requirements analysis & management
  • User story backlog management
  • Wireframing (Balsamiq)
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Systems analysis

The agency had been experiencing poor performance and reliability with the existing batch management system. Major components of the system were slated for replacement, which required a thorough system analysis to be conducted. A dashboard would need to be created, allowing visibility into the new system components.

Project Goals

  • Design a dashboard to allow for easier identification and troubleshooting of issues during nightly batch.
  • Create and document system and dashboard requirements for the replacement of each major component of the batch system.
  • Organize and track work via Team Foundation Server.

*Due to nature of contract, the specific name of the agency will not be exposed.

Artifact 1. Functional mapping of the dashboard.

Feature Map

Artifact 2. Wireframe using Google Drawings to collaborate with the development team.


Artifact 3. Additional wireframe created with Balsamiq.

Job Execution Summary (JCF)

Artifact 4. Documentation of system process flow.


Artifact 5. Additional documentation of system process flow from a more technical, detailed level.



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